Anxiety, Palpitations, Ectopics......... Driving You APEsh*t?

(Finding it all a pain in the proverbials?!)

What if you could get positive, helpful support to learn how to stop feeling APEsh*t and to feel calmer, more in control and without the fear of your heart beating out of your chest? 

Your doctor has given you pills for your anxiety. He has said that the palpitations and ectopics won't kill you, so best learn to live with them. Has he given you any help as to how? No? I thought not.
WHAT IF you could get the help you are seeking, from someone who knows exactly what you are going through?  Someone who can indeed help you and show you HOW to 'live with it'?
Someone who can help you to get the best out of your life? Wouldn't that be much better? Wouldn't YOU FEEL better?

"Learning how to instantly take back control of your anxiety, palps or ectopics is a very powerful skill to possess!"

Will this cost me?
NO it's FREE

This is for you if...

This exclusive opportunity  is ONLY for those of you who have genuinely had enough of just getting by with your life, not knowing how to enjoy your life or to change your life because you suffer with Anxiety, Palpitations or Ectopic beats.
You want to feel supported instead! Does THIS sound like you? Then I invite you to read on.............

  • You are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. You are tired of just existing and you want to live your life.  You want to be understood. Deep down you know you deserve better.
  • Deep down you know there is a solution to take back control of your life. You just want to be happy and to be able to do stuff. You are fed up of missing out. 
  • Anxiety, Palpitations or Ectopics (or all 3!!!) are ruining your life!  You are sick of taking tablets that cause even more problems! You are sick and tired of trying to deal with this on your own with no help or direction. You are NOW ready to commit to an alternative way of dealing with how you feel. You are ready to learn how you can help yourself to live a better life!
  • You have Anxiety, Palps, or Ectopics. You have tried everything you can think of to deal with it or them. You have tried all the solutions the medical profession has offered you.  You are ready for something new. Solution that enable you to live your life!  Solution that puts you in direct control. You are ready to take action!

Don't Go Apesh*t! Go APEshift instead!
A taste of what's on offer!

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Are YOU ready to feel better and to live a better life? To live YOUR best life? To tame the APEs? Then simply click on the button below and begin the process......

***STOP!  WAIT!***  This is NOT for you if:

You are not ready to embrace your life. If you are not ready to change your life for the better then this group is simply NOT for you!! 

Victimhood is an essential part of you. It is easy to get stuck in a 'victim' mentality when your health is not up to par. If you believe that you are destined to live life as a victim of circumstances and ill health, then this is NOT the group for you!

You thrive on hearing about others worse off than you. Sounds harsh? Perhaps it does, however sometimes one can feel better just knowing others are worse off than yourself. If this is you then this is most definitely NOT the group for you!

You are not yet ready to change your way of thinking so you can change your life. If you have no desire to change the way you think, to be positive and to communicate in a positive way with other group members, then please do NOT join.

“Alleviate unnecessary anxiety or palpitations.”

"Working with Drew Ryder to minimize or alleviate unnecessary anxiety or palpitations, has been one of the best decisions I have ever made.

After numerous visits to doctors and therapists, trying ineffective medicines, and undergoing unnecessary tests all of which cost me a lot of money, I only got better with his help.

Besides him being a super guy, his techniques are very effective and he's very attentive to your individual needs.
If you want results that work and are long lasting, give him a try. I'm glad I did!"

Madeline Shirley
Chandker, Arizona, USA

“He made everything into a positive."

"Drew Ryder helped to change my life. Things were really tough yet he made everything into a positive, changed the way I was thinking and supported me beyond anything I could have hoped for."
Lesley Edelstein
Knutsford, Manchester UK 

What do I get?

You will receive help  and support from someone who knows exactly what you are going through. He has been there.

Learn techniques to help you cope with your anxiety, or even eradicate it altogether!

Have access to support 24/7 and be a part of a warm, caring community who understands what you are going through who can also offer positive help and support.  

Periodic invitations to join me online to learn new methods to live your life to your best abiliy..........and more!

"I am happy"

"Since seeing Drew I have become a new person I do not have so many aches and pains, I am happy and enjoy going out and meeting new people and going to new places. I am enjoying life and that is all thanks to Drew my miracle man, in fact without Drew I really do not know how I would be or where.


Val Smith
Cuevas de Reyllo, Murcia, Spain

I am a stronger person than I ever was before."

"I can’t thank Drew enough for all he did to help me get over a nervous breakdown. I know that my full recovery was due to a very large degree to the support and guidance Drew gave me every step of the way. I am a stronger person than I ever was before, and still use tools Drew gave me to keep me balanced and healthy. And I’ve been off medication for the first time in my entire adult life. Drew, you’re a star!”

Rachel Benson
Fuente Álamo, Spain

I am learning to listen to my body.......

"I occasionally experience anxiety and depression and I now have the practices I learned as a resource. I’m learning to listen to my body more and take breaks when I need it.

Working with Drew Ryder has been a delightful investment. My life is transformed."

Andrea Scott
Toronto, Canada

Get easy access to our APEs Group now!

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