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Aged 18 – 25 and struggling?

In the course of my work, I have become increasingly aware of despite how ‘much easier’ it is said to be for young people these days, it is actually much harder. Young people are under pressure to conform just as much today as they were in years gone by. The biggest difference and the biggest […]

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Feeling out of sorts?

Often, people say they are depressed or are suffering from depression when what they really mean is that they are feeling out of sorts.   They feel low, run down, tired and lacking energy, miserable and fed up with life.  These feelings usually pass in a matter of days, hours even minutes. As human beings we […]

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You can change your hair…………

  You can change your hair, the colour of your nails, even the colour of your eyes with coloured lenses. You can change your job, your spouse or partner, you can even change where you live, including your country of residence. However, until you change your thinking and associated behaviour you will never reach your […]

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What’s in a story?

Stories. We read them, we tell them, we share them. We write them, we co-create and create them. We observe them or we are in them. We live them. Sometimes we live them over and over again. Stories make up our journey called life. Every person we meet has a story to share, whether they […]

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Stressed Man

Anxiety is on the increase

We live in a stressful world and stressors seem to multiply on a daily basis. The number of people suffering with anxiety or anxiety related disorders is on the increase. Children are becoming more and more anxious….which if not dealt with they will take into adulthood. It won’t be long until the whole population is […]

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It’s all about balance.

This year has been a challenging year for me so far. I have been in it but yet not of it. I have been caught up and swept along with others peoples dramas to the point of exhaustion. Yes I am aware that on one level I have allowed this to happen; yet on another […]

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The time for change is now………………..

September signifies the beginning of autumn and the time for change – children go back to school, holidays are over, and whilst the holiday memories might be good, your waistline and general health may not be!! Or perhaps you now need to re-focus on your business, (some therapists take considerable time out to be with […]

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The cost of ill health…..

Most people are under the wrong impression that maintaining wellness is expensive.  In fact if you look at what it costs you to be ill, you will realise that nothing could be further from the truth! For some reason people spend more money on maintaining their motorised vehicles (cars, vans, motorbikes, or scooters) than the […]

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