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Val M.Smith  Fuente Álamo, Spain

" I feel he worked a miracle.
I was feeling at my lowest, I did not know which way to turn, then I had Drew recommended to me and my life changed. Even after the first meeting I could notice a difference and things just got better. He has helped to build up my confidence and see things clearly again and has also helped me to regain my self esteem.
Also, I do not have so many aches and pains as I am more relaxed and feel so much lighter in mind and body, and I am more positive and it's all thanks to this miracle man Drew.
I would recommend him to anybody/everybody." (for full version see Success Stories page).

Sally-Anne  Charlton, Nr. Banbury, UK

"I feel I must write and thank you very much for what I can only describe as "giving me my life back"..I can not describe how good it feels after 25 years to go out with friends and be relaxed and comfortable. I've even had the odd glass of champagne! Many thanks once again!!

Sandra Rusk El Mingrano, Spain

“Having struggled for 4 weeks with an extremely painful knee which had necessitated the use of a walking stick to hobble around I went to see Drew for a visit. Not knowing what to expect or what sort of treatment, if any, would be recommended I was more than pleased with the result. We chatted about anything that could have caused the problem with my knee and then Drew commenced his treatment. The pain threshhold was assessed after each round of treatment and came down from 7 to zero.To say I was delighted would be an understatement and having struggled up the stairs at the commencement of the visit using the walking stick I was able to carry the walking stick down the stairs. To be able to walk normally and getting back to my usual pace after such a short time is absolutely brilliant. I would recommend anyone suffering from debilitating pain to contact Drew and arrange a visit.”

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guy by a misty lake
In the course of my work, I have become increasingly aware of despite how ‘much easier’ it is said to be for young people these days, it is actually much harder.

Young people are under pressure to conform just as much today as they were in years gone by. The biggest difference and the biggest pressure today is the way technology has advanced. Young people nowadays can look up anything online and come up with what they take to believe to be definitive answers. This can (as I have witnessed), have disastrous consequences within families. Especially where mental health issues are concerned.

Mental health issues are increasing at an alarming rate amongst younger people. It is reported that in the last 25 years anxiety and depression has increased by 70% amongst young adults.

What does that mean in today’s terms?

Taking the UK population as 65,111,143 in 2016 (Worldometers world population stats), approximately 4,362,446 young people make up the 20- 24 yr old age bracket, (6.7%). Now take Anxiety UK’s figures that 15.8% of 20 – 24 year olds have suffered from anxiety (neurotic episode) that amounts to 689,226 young people in distress. Why is that?

Now we could put forward many theories as to why this is so. However, the fact remains that young people are struggling. They need help. Imagine what these figures are like on a global scale.

One of the main things I hear time and time again with the increasing number of younger people I am working with is that ‘nobody listens to me’, coupled with ‘they do not understand me’.  Again, we could put forward many theories as to why they feel this way. It wouldn’t alter the fact of how they feel.

If you are a young person and want to be heard I may be able to help you. You see anxiety is an essential part of life – it is actually a safety mechanism. It is when that mechanism isn’t working as it was designed to do that problems arise. A bit like when your computer, internet system or software isn’t performing as it was designed to.  It can drive you crazy! (Literally some would say!).

So what’s the deal – well as I have said you can search the internet for answers as to how and why you feel the way you do. But there is nobody there to talk to. It’s just a bunch of stuff! It becomes overwhelming, you get even more confused and scared.

How would you like to belong to a community where you can ask questions and talk about anything that is bothering you and get answers – from a human?

  • From someone who will not judge you or feel embarrassed by what you have or want to say.
  • Someone who is trained and qualified in a lot of different therapies and techniques and who has many years of experience helping people through their struggles.
  • Someone who has also struggled in life and who knows what it is like to feel alone and isolated with their thoughts, not knowing where to turn.
  • Someone who is prepared to listen to you.
  • Someone who is prepared to work with you and teach you how to look at and deal with life’s difficulties and problems (you know the real stuff they never teach you in school!).
  • Someone who will help you to discover who you are and who will encourage you to celebrate your uniqueness, to help you be you (not the you everyone thinks you should be)

Would that help you?

If you are struggling with anxiety and its associated physical symptoms and would like help and are prepared to commit to helping yourself as well, then perhaps we need to talk.

I am setting aside some time over the next couple of weeks to chat with those of you aged between 18 and 25 who would like to be a part of this community.

If you would like to connect with me and reserve a call then either PM me or put a Yes in the comments box and I will contact you.

Why am I offering this? Quite simply because I see older people who have struggled for so many years and who, with help in their earlier years, could have lived a better, a happier and a more fulfilled life. Don’t let this be you.

You know what to do…………