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Coaching with Drew

Personal Coaching/Development

TogetherA simple yet effective form of personal development, coaching helps enable people to identify specific goals and then to reach those said goals, whether personal, health and wellness or business related.

As a coach, part of my role is to help you establish what is important to you and/or missing from your life.  Then we work together to enable and empower you to turn your life around. Working with you, using a heart-based, solution and action focused approach we will get you  to where you  ultimately want to be.  This is done in a non-directive way enabling you, to find your own solutions.

I will help you to see your situation differently (from a different perspective) so you can gain clarity of the situation and discover options in order to move forward with your life.

You have full ownership of your solutions, thus feeling empowered to make the changes you feel you need to make, whilst at the same time being accountable for your actions.

I also work with you to look at, and possibly reframe your beliefs, and other important aspects of your life and/or business.  Coaching is highly effective simply because of the emotional distance the professional relationship offers.

The aim is to draw out your potential, developing rather than imposing; and by reflecting rather than directing.  Coaching facilitates change enabling you to transform your life and or business.  Flexible and reactive it offers personal transformation on an individual basis.

Non- judgemental, non- prescriptive or instructive, it enables you to seek a better understanding of yourself.

Anxiety Coaching

HandsThe principles of anxiety coaching remain the same as for personal coaching. The focus with anxiety coaching as the name implies is with your anxiety.

Clients often feel that they are alone in their problem or that the issues they are feeling anxious about are either silly ‘silly’ or insurmountable and terrifying. Either way the same behaviour manifests. You do your utmost to hide from others and suffer in silence until it becomes unbearable and takes over your life.

As an anxiety coach I know only too well what anxiety feels like, which is why I choose this an area if specialism. Working with me means that I really do understand what you are going through. This in turn means that with a genuine empathic approach, support and a plethora of techiniques to draw upon we can help you to move from surviving to striving. It is all too easy to ‘get in your own way’ when anxious.  That is to say, to lose and to hide from the truth behund your anxiety.

Working with me in relation to your anxiety provides a solid framework for the truth to be heard or even uncovered, (even though you may not want to hear it), dealt with to obtain clarity and above all to step back or indeed forward, into your personal power and regain control over your life.

Wellness Coaching

couple jumping in sunlightWellness Coaching involves looking at the bigger picture. I work with you to develop a healthier lifestyle by looking at the obstacles that stand in the way of your success with regard to your wellness. This is often more of a collaborative experience, with me encouraging you to come up with their own goals and ideas, to either improve and/or maintain your wellness.

Rather than just working with the ‘presenting symptoms’ I will work with the ’whole you’. This often means looking beyond the presenting symptoms to discover and uncover where you are really at, to find out what is really going on. For example, if you are overweight and are unhappy with your weight and you tell me you want to lose weight that is great! It gives us a starting point. Now we can work together to enable you to simply lose weight, or we can work together to determine why you are overweight in the first place; then we can work together to address the cause which in turn enables you to release that unwanted extra weight, and more importantly, too keep it off for good. Which would you rather have happen?

Let’s just take a quick look at the meaning of wellness, which is simply, ‘a healthy balance of the mind, body and spirit´. Those few words can be also be taken to read ‘heal thy balance of the mind, body and spirit’. To work with only one area leads to imbalance which why it is important that I work with the whole you.

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