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Would you like to be living YOUR BEST LIFE? TO be FREE to BE YOU? Would this improve your life, your health or even your business? Then schedule a FREE conversation and let's get you moving forward towards the life you desire!

How do I work?

I am the catalyst to enable you to transform your own life, to find out what it is you are searching for or want to change in your personal life, business life (or both) and or health wise, or indeed in all three areas.

With a vast experience of working with countless individuals (whether one to one,  or in group settings), I work intuitively, coupled with humour, and draw upon an eclectic mix of psychological and energy based techniques to help you attain the solutions you seek.

Working from a heart-based, solution-action orientated perspective, you will be inspired and motivated to put insights and solutions into action. After all, if nothing changes, then nothing changes.

Each client I work with is unique. This is why I choose not to offer ‘one-size fits all packages’. Before we would engage fully into a working relationship we would meet initially for a chat. This is the most important part of the process. The purpose of this is to ensure that we can indeed work together, that we ‘fit’. It is important that you as my client feel comfortable with me and equally, it is important for me your catalyst for change, that I feel comfortable with you. In other words, we have an energetic connection. That is to say our energies connect and are comfortable together, not that we have to partake in any robust physical activity!

If this is in place, we then agree a way forward based on the information you have shared, and a mutually agreed personal contract to work with, will be drawn up for a specific amount of time and be subject to review. Please note miracles take a little longer!