It’s all about balance.

masks-positive and negativeThis year has been a challenging year for me so far. I have been in it but yet not of it. I have been caught up and swept along with others peoples dramas to the point of exhaustion. Yes I am aware that on one level I have allowed this to happen; yet on another I know I did not give permission consciously. The lessons I have learned are many.
I have learned that I gave up conscious control of my life which lead me to drift away from my life of joy and connection with energy.

I have learned that there is only so much I can give to others before I wear myself out. I am only human after all – yes that recognition was a shock! *smile*

I have learned that my values are different to those of others, and I am happier sticking with my own values.

I have learned that no matter how hard I find it, I have to give the space to, and allow those I care about and love, to find their own way in life. Even as I struggle to watch them struggle with their lives and their health.

I have learned that for my own sanity it is best to walk away from some situations and people; some for a short time while I gather my strength and some for good. And that is OK.

I have learned that it is OK for me to get angry; it is an emotion after all.

I have learned to re-focus and re-balance my life and that it is OK to lose focus and balance from time to time as this is when we can learn a lot.

I have learned that no matter how bad life seems to get, goodness shines through and comes in many guises. I am blessed.

I have learned that even when we have the resources to hand to help us in situations that it is all too easy to overlook them.

I have learned that I am happiest when I connect with and work with energy – we are energy beings after all.

Let me share this story.

About 8 weeks ago we had a pup turn up at our gate during some heavy rain, skinny, starving and dirty. What were we to do? We took him under our wing and fed him, we allowed him into our home. Our two other dogs (both rescues) were not overly happy. One is an old gal and wants a quiet life and our little boy is heading that way too.  The pup we named Javi blossomed and filled our home with naughtiness and much love as he began to trust us.

The problem was we knew we couldn’t keep him. We couldn’t keep him because it was not fair to our other dogs the older one was getting more fretful daily and began to be nasty to him. Also financially, we couldn’t afford to keep him. We had just gone through a very lean period with my business as I couldn’t put the time in to work it and pick up new clients as my beloved wife Annette had been really ill. She is now on the mend thank goodness.

We turned to the local dog charities who appeared to turn a blind eye. They were full, yet the week after they were able to home other dogs that had been abandoned. I got angry. Why wouldn’t they help us with Javi?  Then I got angry with myself for getting angry in the first place!  It didn’t help.

I put a plea for help on FB. I received lots of messages of support and a couple of messages privately.

One message was from a lovely lady I met when I did my Balance Procedure trainers training back in October 2014. She contacted me to say she had shared the post and suggested someone I could contact for help. She also contacted me again a few weeks later and asked “If you don’t mind me asking, I am wondering have you been using TBP tool with this situation?”

That was on 13th October. Guess what? NO I hadn’t!!

We continued our dialogue and she further suggested “Perhaps you could be an observer and look at the message you are sending out …is the message clear or is the message you’re sending out giving mixed signals.. Where is your focus?”

It all became evidently clear! I was sending out mixed messages!! You see I had made a real connection with this puppy who used to follow me everywhere and sat with me in the kitchen when I was cooking. There was a large part of me who wanted to keep him! I had to change my focus.

And then I had another light bulb moment! It dawned on me that why I was struggling so much this year – it was because I had completely lost my focus! Generally! And specifically with my business.

Here was I, an Energy Psychologist and Practitioner who was not working with energy for my own benefit! Doh!

It was Monday 19th October when I finally used The Balance Procedure and balanced on the Art of Transformation – transforming Javi’s life.  By Wednesday 21st I had had the offer of help I was seeking! On Sunday 25th October we met the lady from further up the coast to us who offered help and delivered him to her to find him his forever home. It is what she does.

TBP is an awesome tool!!

I started this blog by saying that this year has been a challenging year for me to date.  I have realised that it has been challenging because I had drifted away from everything I know and understand about energy.

These last few weeks the time has arrived for me to return home to what I know. It took a stray pup and someone I met a year ago to teach me the lessons I needed to learn. Thank you for steering me back onto the path that serves me best and enables me to continue my life’s work; that is helping people to be the best that they can be and to live their best life by using and tapping into their own innate power, whether in their personal or business life. The lady I owe this thanks to is the wonderful Bonita aka Radiant Glow.

Note: The Balance Procedure (TBP) works on transforming learned energy patterns that no longer serve and draws on both heart energy and the power of intention.  It works to transform individuals from ‘victim mode’ to that of a powerful creator.  As the name implies it is about bringing you back into balance and once in balance and consequently in a state of relaxation, it is easier to move forward to create a more rewarding and fulfilling life.

It’s great to be home!

About the Author Drew Ryder

Basically I help to change lives. I am a life changer. Rather, I empower others to step into their personal power so they can change their own life, their health and/or business. To live their best life! Time and time again people tell me they want to change their lives. When asked in what way, the most common answer is “I just want to be happy.” Their biggest problem usually lies in answering the next question, “What do you think it is that will make you happy?” more often than not they answer “I don’t know.” I help people to attain that state of happiness. How may I help you? Email me at and let's arrange a conversation....alternatively call me on +34 660326194

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Lynne says October 27, 2015

Brilliant use of The Balance Procedure Drew! Thank you for sharing, we all need to find our focus now and again 🙂

    Drew Ryder says November 2, 2015

    Thank you Lynne! Yes we live in an everchanging world so re-focusing is an ongoing pricess too.

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