The cost of ill health…..

Most people are under the wrong impression that maintaining wellness is expensive.  In fact if you look at what it costs you to be ill, you will realise that nothing could be further from the truth!

For some reason people spend more money on maintaining their motorised vehicles (cars, vans, motorbikes, or scooters) than the very vehicle they have been given for life – namely their body.  The body also comes with a mind and for some reason to seek help because of worries, anxiety, stress or depression seems to be even more taboo.

What many people do not realise is that any stresses or concerns of the mind ultimately affect the physical body, especially if they are not addressed and are just ‘pushed under the carpet’.  Stress and anxiety eat away at you from the inside, and so does anger, perhaps even more so.

Mental health is extremely important: if ignored the cumulative effects can be disastrous.  Girl in DespairThe cumulative effects can and indeed do, affect people in a number of ways.  The two main ways that spring to mind concern food – either over eating or under eating (either way the body and internal organs are affected) and alcohol.  One thing is for sure you will never find the answer to your problem at the bottom of a bottle!  And, whilst it is great to have a friend to talk with and to confide in sometimes more help is needed.

Consider this, let’s say you are emotionally upset and do not seek help.  You begin to withdraw from your partner, your friends:  you find solace in food – junk food, cakes, biscuits, chocolate and maybe even alcohol.  Over time your friends stop offering you help because you do not accept it as you do not think you are worth it, – your relationship breaks down.  You find that physically your body starts to break down too – you have gained an excessive amount of weight, your hips, knees and ankles start to ache, you become too large to enjoy exercise – even the dancing you used to enjoy.  You ‘beat’ yourself up more and more, you lose confidence and your self- esteem takes a battering.  You withdraw even more.  You eat and drink to excess even more: your internal organs begin to break down.  You are back and forth to the doctors, this hurts that hurts.  Your emotions are all over the place.  You end up going to the hospital for tests and more tests.  You are admitted to hospital.  You end up having an operation maybe even two.  It is possible that you may not leave the hospital as your body gives up altogether.

Sounds scary?  It is.  What has it cost you to not seek help in the first place?  Some things you cannot put a monetary value on.  What’s the alternative?

Imagine this: you have a worry or an issue you cannot discuss with your partner or a good friend.  You seek help and receive regular support and guidance in resolving whatever it is that has been causing you stress. You begin to feel happier, lighter in mind and may be even in body.  Your friends notice a new contentment within you and want to share more time with you.   Your relationship with your partner is more relaxed and your relationship goes from strength to strength.  You feel and exude happiness and contentment, life is good!!

At what cost?  Some time, some effort and a few euros, pounds or dollars.   Very little in comparison.

EFT is an incredible tool to help you to maintain a healthy mind and body.  It is so simple that people often misunderstand how effective it can be.  The number of times clients have said to me following a session or series of sessions whereby there condition has improved significantly; “How can something so simple work so well? It’s amazing!”

It is my view that as human beings (the alleged most intelligent species on this planet), we have developed a tendency to overcomplicate things, all things.  One of the ways in which we does this is to over analyse.  Over analysing can cause all sorts of problems especially where mental or psychological health is concerned. Take anxiety for example, (and by the way, anxiety has it’s good points as well as it‘s bad ones), if you are a natural worrier worrying about things is not going to help matters. Nonetheless you continue and become anxious, this anxiety becomes a perpetuating circle to the point where you become anxious about becoming anxious or having an anxiety attack, thereby complicating matters and guess what? You become even more anxious!

Now let’s look how this process can be simplified. You know you are a worrier. You know you worry about things – perhaps too much.  Before anxiety sets in you seek the help of a qualified EFT practitioner. You come away feeling less worried, and what’s more, is you have come away with a simple technique that you can use to help yourself when you know you are worrying.  By using this technique you are able to deal with whatever you are worrying about in a different way!

So, the question to ask right now is would you rather spend money on your ill health or your wellness?

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Basically I help to change lives. I am a life changer. Rather, I empower others to step into their personal power so they can change their own life, their health and/or business. To live their best life! Time and time again people tell me they want to change their lives. When asked in what way, the most common answer is “I just want to be happy.” Their biggest problem usually lies in answering the next question, “What do you think it is that will make you happy?” more often than not they answer “I don’t know.” I help people to attain that state of happiness. How may I help you? Email me at and let's arrange a conversation....alternatively call me on +34 660326194

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