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Autumn leaves

September signifies the beginning of autumn and the time for change – children go back to school, holidays are over, and whilst the holiday memories might be good, your waistline and general health may not be!! Or perhaps you now need to re-focus on your business, (some therapists take considerable time out to be with their children during the school summer holidays).

It is all too easy to relax and eat and drink more whilst on holiday or whilst your mind is in holiday mode.  Furthermore if you have struggled for weeks before your holiday to lose weight to get into that bikini, you may well be beating yourself up now.  Do not!

Losing weight is easy for some people and more difficult for others!  Dieting becomes a weigh (sorry!), a way of life. The scenario goes a bit like weight on – weight off, weight on – weight off, weight on and weight off and so the story continues.

I know because I have been there and done that (except for wearing the bikini!). That was until  almost six years ago, when I finally realised that if I didn’t get down to not losing my excess weight, but releasing it (I will explain in a moment), I knew that if I were to have a second stroke – which was highly likely having had one in 2007, it would probably kill me.  I was overweight with high blood pressure and had been diagnosed with diabetes to boot.  I suddenly thought that I might not be so lucky ‘next time’.

As a result I made a conscious decision to release my weight once and for all.  I chose to release it and let it go simply because when you lose something you spend ages looking for it and are only happy when you find it or if comes back!  It occurred to me this is what happens when people lose a lot of weight!   They find it and put it back on!!  Sounds silly I know. I am not saying they do this deliberately – that is the point, it happens at a subconscious level.

Your mind is your most valuable asset – it controls your life and your body. The mind and body are inextricably linked.  I knew this of course and had one of those ‘light bulb moments’ when I realised that if I was to conquer my weight problem I would have to change not only my eating habits, I would have to change my mindset, my way of thinking.  As the late great Dr Wayne Dyer said: “If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

Since then I have released over 35 kgs of excess weight, have come down eight (Yes!!! Eight!! Soon to be nine!!), trouser sizes and feel so much better!  I drastically overhauled my eating and drinking habits and I honestly believe that the changes I made have quite literally saved my life!  I have kept this weight off for over four years now. Oh and just so you know I did this eating REAL food, not by juicing or meal replacements…………

Now, you might not have that much weight to release, you may have more. Why am I sharing my story with you?  We respond to success stories, they are motivational.  And if you know it has been done before by someone else then there is a chance that you could do that to.

Changing your mindset, the way you think, is key to making such big changes; even little changes require a change of mindset. Change of any sort begins in the mind; get your mind (set) right and you can and will achieve whatever you want to achieve.

Are you ready to change something about your life?  Maybe it is time for you to get off the dieting ‘merry-go-round’?  Or even time to re-focus and get back into business or work mode.  I can help you do exactly that.

Part way through the summer I noticed I had found an extra couple of kilos and I was carrying them around, my sugar levels were all over the place and my blood pressure was rising. I decided that they had to be released, I had to let them go.  It was a lot easier than you think.

EFT came to my rescue!  EFT can help you to get to the underlying reason or cause as to why you are overweight.  The underlying cause or reason is usually linked to an emotion.  Once the emotional cause is identified and worked upon, any excess weight is easier to release.

EFT helped me to identify what my ‘self- defeating patterns’ were at that time, as they can change.   Having worked to identify these patterns it was a case of changing these into positive patterns to enable weigh to be released safely and effectively.  Moreover, EFT helped me to re- establish new healthier eating patterns using normal everyday foods.  In short it helped me to change my mindset.

Could your mindset do with being changed?  You mindset affects many areas of your personal and your business life. EFT is a great tool to be used in any area of life.  You may not need help with eating healthily, perhaps a change of mindset would be helpful in your relationships or your work life?

I have recently been working with therapists, coaches and trainers to help them change their mindsets in order to move their businesses forward.  Could this be an area where EFT would be of help to you?


About the Author Drew Ryder

Basically I help to change lives. I am a life changer. Rather, I empower others to step into their personal power so they can change their own life, their health and/or business. To live their best life! Time and time again people tell me they want to change their lives. When asked in what way, the most common answer is “I just want to be happy.” Their biggest problem usually lies in answering the next question, “What do you think it is that will make you happy?” more often than not they answer “I don’t know.” I help people to attain that state of happiness. How may I help you? Email me at and let's arrange a conversation....alternatively call me on +34 660326194

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