Change your thinking........ Change your life.............. Live your best life!

Join me in a unique one-day workshop in the UK to empower you to change your life and to step into YOUR Personal Power!

Every one I speak to when I ask the question, "What do you want out of life?"  says: "I just want to be happy!" Is this you?

As well as learning the techniques I have used to change my life for the better, taking me from homeless, flat-broke and recovering from a stroke to where I am today - living in a huge old Spanish farmhouse in the countryside, just a short 15 minute drive from some of the best Blue Flag beaches on the Costa Calida on the SE Coast of Spain.............

You will also walk away equipped with a  simple yet extremely effective procedure that is taking the world by storm!

This procedure was not known to me when I was in the depths of despair.  I recommend and introduce it to my 1 to 1 clients to to enable them to reclaim their personal power and take back control over their lives in a much shorter time than I did.  By doing so they are able to create the life they desire.

Are you ready to step up and create the change YOU desire in YOUR life?

"Drew Ryder helped to change my life, and supported me beyond anything I could have hoped for."

This is for you if...

You are the type of person who prefers to be in control of their life and would like to step back into YOUR Personal Power!
You UNDERSTAND that ONLY YOU can create the change required for YOU to live a better life.
YOU are prepared to face what is holding you back.
You UNDERSTAND the answers are within.
You ARE READY to  create a better life!

  • Perhaps you feel stuck in life right now and or have 'lost your way' and are seeking guidance and direction.
  • Maybe you have read the personal development books about changing your life, listened to the online seminars or webinars and have even done a free online course, and nothing has changed
  • Perhaps fears, anxiety or depression have been ruling your life and you have had enough!
  • Or you are a small business owner and you are aware that your business could do with an injection of some vra-vra vroom! You feel you have lost yours because you have no-one to support you in your decision making and your business is not growing as you would like.

Learn how powerful you are and that when you change the way you look at things....... the things you look at change!

The Balance Procedure is taking the world by storm as THE way forward to create the life you desire, the life of your dreams. Why? Simply because when we are in alignment, in balance, with what we want we move towards it and attract it. We bring in into our reality consciously.

A Multi-dimensional Tool

TBP bridges the gap between ancient philosophy and quantum physics.


Override unproductive habits that have previously dictated a life that is not serving you well.

Results focused

Results focused to transform limiting values and beliefs for your success.

Unlock YOUR Personal Power

TBP puts you back in control of your life enabling you to restore physical and emotional balance


Plug into a  procedure that is changing lives across the globe. As a fully qualified and international trainer of this procedure I will support you every step of the way and more

Tech Talk

There is nothing technical to know about this procedure, it's magic is within its simplicity 


With a passion for empowering people to change their lives for the better you can be assured of my continued ongoing support

More Information

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Join the best!

With the right mindset, just the right amount of support and guidance, you can go onto indeed  Live your best life!

Register for this  Live your best life workshop now!

Happiness is an inside job: Let me show you how to live YOUR best life...... ever! Be happy as you let go of limiting life patterns.  Achieve the health and happiness you desire!

Joining me on this unique one day workshop it is my intention that 

During the course of the day you will be: listened to, heard, understood, guided, supported, empowered and feel 10 times better!

If you apply the tools within this workshop:   You will feel stronger, in control, happier, aware, have a deep sense of knowing and knowledge of what to do to reach all that you desire to be, do and have; and you will feel empowered. In short you will be equipped for change.

You will also get: Ongoing support after the workshop, a safe space in which we can meet as a group online.  All that you need to complete the day to include the TBP book  A Complete Guide and a set of accompanying cards, plus you will receive an ebook detailing how TBP came to be,  and all refreshments and a buffet lunch.  

I changed my life.....

“Drew Ryder helped to change my life. Things were really tough yet he made everything into a positive, changed the way I was thinking and supported me beyond anything I could have hoped for."

Lesley Edelstein
Knutsford, Manchester, UK

For me working with Drew with TBP has given me control......

"For me working with Drew with this procedure (TBP) has given me control, but not in a way that triggers my ocd (which is where many treatments failed for me) it can be used however it works for you.  For me it gives me focus.  It helps me identify what is causing my anxiety and to find a solution. I am finding I am able to come back from a panic attack building as I am more conscious of what I can do to redirect my thoughts. I wasn't sure when I started with the procedure but its working and Drew is really helping me find a way to adapt it to my needs."

Farrah Ridler, Pto. de Mazarron, Murcia Spain

 "What You Get" 

A full one day workshop with Drew Ryder at the Corus Regency Hotel, Stratford Road, Shirley, Solihull, UK. 

When: Saturday 7th October 2017 10:00 am registration 
10:30 am - 5:00 pm

An insight into how Drew transformed his life after a stroke and losing almost a million euros, including his home. How he transformed his health culminating in shedding nearly 7 stones in weight and coming down 9 trouser sizes and built his new business, thus rebuilding his life!

Learn how he changed his thinking and how by doing so he has helped to change the lives of countless others.

All materials and an accredited certification for level 1 TBP, full back up and support as required.

Refreshments and buffet lunch provided.

Cost: £180 per person

Live your best life....

Join me, Drew Ryder in a unique one-day workshop in the UK to empower you to change your life and to step into YOUR Personal Power!

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