You can change your hair…………


George Addair

You can change your hair, the colour of your nails, even the colour of your eyes with coloured lenses. You can change your job, your spouse or partner, you can even change where you live, including your country of residence.

However, until you change your thinking and associated behaviour you will never reach your full potential as a human being. You will never become the best version of you, you could possibly be. You will not live the life of your dreams.

You can change all that you want on the outside; until you change what’s on the inside however nothing changes. If nothing changes then nothing changes………

The same fears will haunt you.

The same fears will keep you stuck.

The same fears will continue to control your life until they become your absolute reality.

Inner change is hard, it is painful, it involves stepping into the unknown. At times the journey is hard, however it is always worth it in the end.

Taking responsibility to change is a huge step. Responsibility is a huge step. Yet when you take responsibility for who you are and where you are at in life, and the part you have played in getting there, then change becomes inevitable. Embracing that change can, and does literally change your life.

Taking responsibility in all areas of your life means taking back your personal power. It is then easier to invoke change. You become the director in the movie of your life and not just ‘an extra’ or an actor. Reclaiming your personal power allows you to co-create your life and manifest your dreams. I do not mean the dreams you have whilst you are asleep, it is the dreams that you have whilst you are awake that give you your purpose, and propel you out of bed each day and keep you taking action to make your dreams come true.

When you choose responsibility and choose to change and are willing to face your fears and take the action necessary, then you can have, be and do whatever you want in life if you so desire. To do this from a heart based perspective (with love) rather than from a fear based perspective (ego), enhances your true potential even more.

Taking responsibility enhances one energetically. Energy is everything, we are energy beings. Taking responsibility means using our energy in a positive and healing way. Just imagine the impact that this has on your life and the lives of others!

Taking responsibility is also about self-care and self-care is the best health care in the world! Promoting your own wellness ripples across all areas of life, personally and in business.

Taking ownership of your thoughts, feelings and ultimately your life, enables you to live your best life which is no more that you actually deserve!

Now is the only time we really have, being present in the now enables you to enjoy the beauty of life and increases your awareness that change is the only constant in life. Everything changes.

Do you believe that the life you have and are living right now is your best life? Have you changed all that you can on the outside and still feel that something is missing? Perhaps it is time to change on the inside.

Are you ready to change, to accept responsibility and reclaim your personal power?

If the movie of your life is currently going nowhere, become the director of that movie, and create a new ending.

How do you want to be remembered?

About the Author Drew Ryder

Basically I help to change lives. I am a life changer. Rather, I empower others to step into their personal power so they can change their own life, their health and/or business. To live their best life! Time and time again people tell me they want to change their lives. When asked in what way, the most common answer is “I just want to be happy.” Their biggest problem usually lies in answering the next question, “What do you think it is that will make you happy?” more often than not they answer “I don’t know.” I help people to attain that state of happiness. How may I help you? Email me at and let's arrange a conversation....alternatively call me on +34 660326194

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